BigShay: Wow, sorry.  I haven't been on here much.  Yeah BF1 and R6 is what I've been playing, although I'm hoping Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam is going to be good.
IITenaciousG: I'd say the most popular ones for us at the moment are BF1, Rainbow 6, Killing Floor, Civ, Blitzkrieg
Regs: So now my daughter is almost 18 months old and she has a consistent sleep schedule.  I've discovered I actually have some time to play games again most nights.  You guys playing anything regularly?
SykeOut: I still don't think BF1 is as good as BC2, though...
BigShay: I emailed the PW to the address on his profile. Not sure if it was current though.
IITenaciousG: Logan, has someone sent you the pw?
Logan Williams: Can someone mail me TS passwd plz?
JrShay: Agreed Big
BigShay: So...BF1 is definitely the best Battlefield game since BC2.
BigShay: Well, I'm glad to see your EA embargo has ended Regs.