August 23, 2017, 04:52:50 AM

Battlefield 3 weapon stats as provided/assembled by DenKirson.  These stats are pulled directly from the PC RETAIL code.  As always, much thanks goes to
DenKirson and the others from Den's forum. 

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Weapon Stats:

Guns. Explanation for the contents.

The gun's there, obviously. Little symbol and word to show what class the weapon belongs to.
An indicator as to which fire modes the weapon has, Auto, Burst, single.

Two damage numbers and the drop off points indicated by the red lines.
It is important to note here that the kind of ammo a weapon uses is taken into account.
The bullet itself determines the damage and range, the weapon just shoots them, which is why most weapons have the same damage.
Bullets have varying SPEED and DROP values.

For damage multipliers, all weapons deliver:
2.0x to the Head
1.0x to the Body
0.9x to the Legs

CAPACITY is pretty straightforward. The magazine plus one in the chamber if it works that way.
The RATE OF FIRE in rounds per minute.
Bolt action rifles and the 870MCS show the time to rechamber the weapon.
The AN-94 is unique in that its BURST RATE OF FIRE differs from it's fully automatic rate of fire.

RELOAD time when the weapon is partially full.
RELOAD EMPTY time when the weapon has been... emptied.
1stRELOAD for shotguns that reload one at a time.
NEXT REL. for all shotguns rounds after the first.

Weapons have an inherit inaccuracy when sighted.
For example the AK-74M has a 0.2 cone of fire when zoomed and standing still.

BASE Spread when standing still.
ZOOM Spread when sighted and still.
ZOOM MOVE Spread when sighted and moving.
Spread added PER SHOT, and the Spread RECOVERY per second.

NOTE: The behavior of Spread is more like Battlefield 2 than Bad Company 2.
The very low increase per shot and the high decrease per second may seem odd, but that is because the weapon does not gradually recover while you are firing, only after you have released the trigger.
The patch released alongside Back to Karkand has doubled the increase per shot for nearly every weapon, making them unreliably inaccurate far more quickly.

SHOTGUNS have an inherit spread for Buckshot and Flechette.
The 870MCS only has a 2.0 cone of fire while the automatics have 4.0.
SLUG, SLUGZ and ZMOVE for their spread when using Slug or Frag rounds.

A fixed upwards number.
Two left-right numbers which make the area the weapon will randomly kick in.
A rapid recovery rate per second.

The FIRST SHOT taken with a weapon at rest has its recoil multiplied.
In nearly every weapon, the recoil is higher.
The AN-94 is unique in that its first shot recoils less, making its two round burst especially effective.


Take note that the damage column along the shotguns are for the types of shot and not just to that particular shotgun.
Buckshot, Flechette, Frag, Slug for automatics and Slug for the 870MCS.

The FRAG shotgun round not only delivers impact damage, but has a small explosive blast of 40 damage over a 3 meter radius.
A point blank shot is capable of a one hit kill.

BF3 Weapon Stats