August 23, 2017, 04:56:03 AM

Call of Duty Black Ops weapon stats as provided/assembled by DenKirson.  These stats are pulled directly from the PC RETAIL code.  As always, much thanks goes to DenKirson and the others from Den's forum. 


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Damage starts at one amount of damage, decreases over a certain range and continues at a lower damage.
The Red line indicates the basic damage. The Green line indicates damage range with a silencer (or the Python's Snub Nose).
Certain body parts multiply damage from attacks.
Note that the L96A1 has an extra damage modifier. The shoulders and biceps also take 1.5x damage.

A weapon's Hip Spread is determined by a minimum and maximum cone of fire in degrees from the center of the screen.

Recoil is an area within four points and the random chance of the weapon kicking in those directions.
Working against the recoil is Center Speed which is an arbitrary number. Higher Center Speed means faster recovery.

A weapon's Fire Time is the time between each shot.
Divide 60 by the Fire Time and you get the Rounds Per Minute.

Each weapon has a specific Reload Time for partial and Empty magazines.
For both of these reloads is the Add Time, the point where the Ammo Counter changes.
The Add Time indicates the point where you can cancel the reload animation and still have a reloaded weapon.
Some shotguns and the Python reload one round at a time. The first round takes longer than the following rounds.
The Python's Speed Loader time is also indicated in place of the Add Time (which is irrelevant for the Python).

Raise Time and Drop Time are the lengths it takes to put away one weapon and take out another.
Combine one gun's Drop with another's Raise to see how long it will take.
NOTE: Switching from one weapon to a Pistol will cause your weapon in hand to use Quick Drop, only 0.25 of a second.

Aim Down Sights takes a moment before the sighted accuracy takes effect after pressing the ADS button.

Depending on the Primary weapon you're carrying, your character will have his base running speed changed.

The Flamethrower lets out an invisible projectile traveling along the flame stream that causes 50 points of damage.
Each projectile eats up 4% of fuel in the 100% tank, meaning 25 "shots" total.
The flame projectiles reach out to about 500 inches / 12.5 meters before fading out, giving it similar range to shotguns.



In the Blast Radius column are three numbers.

The Maximum Damage at the center of the blast.
The Minimum damage at the edge of the blast.
The Radius of the blast itself.
The Claymore has a specific cone for its blast. 60° in either direction from where you face it.
Note that the Nova Gas delivers 13 damage every second to enemies while in its radius.

In the Time column, things get a little specific for each item.
Prep Time is the amount of time it takes to prepare and throw the grenade/equipment.
Prep Time is a combination of HoldFireTime (time to pull pin) and FireDelay (arm-throwing animation).

Fuse Time is obviously the amount of time it takes for the thing to detonate on its own.
Note that Concussion, Nova and WP won't explode until they land on the ground.
The Crossbow's fuse doesn't start until it hits an object.

Both Smoke grenades last for approximately eight seconds before they begin to clear up.
This means the Nova Gas is lethal if someone stays in the gas for the whole duration.

The Grenade Launcher and Crossbow have their own Reload times.

The Grenade Launcher needs to travel at least 9 meters to arm itself, otherwise it'll be a Dud.

Equipment and launchers take about a second to Raise after putting away their weapon.
Prepping C4 and Claymores is not unlike grenades.
The C4's trigger and Claymore's sensor Detonation both take approximately 0.83 seconds.



The first perk slot will determine the appearance of character, so if you equip the Ghost perk then your character will wear a ghillie suit.



Because of the dynamics of each killstreak, things in the image are jumbled, but most things about the killstreaks are self-explanatory.
The way stuff is coded with multiple variables overwriting one another, finding the correct info is troublesome, there may still be some errors.

Some things:
The Spy Planes are only vulnerable to enemy damage for about twenty seconds.
Near the end of its time, enemies are unable to damage it with bullets (rockets still work). It flies off while still giving another pass or three to the team.

The SAM Turret and Sentry Gun have unlimited ammunition.
The SAM turret takes out Spy Planes in one hit, but will only take half of a helicopter's Max health in one hit.
In other words, the SAM Turret would need three missiles - one for the flare, two for the helicopter - to take a chopper out.

The Care Package drops have two columns of percentages (split in half).
The left are chances of each item to appear in the box and the right column is the Hardline Pro Gamble.

Both the Napalm Strike and Rolling Thunder dump fifteen bombs roughly along the area that their specific cursors indicate.

The Helicopters have an "armored" state that lowers bullet damage.
After 500 points of health (that's from the total health, not 1500 and 500 extra) are removed, they take full damage from bullets.
The time it takes for them to arrive and leave isn't counted in their sixty second timer. They'll be active and able to attack for about sixty seconds.