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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 weapon stats as provided/assembled by DenKirson.  These stats are pulled directly from the PC RETAIL code.  As always, much thanks goes to
DenKirson and the others from Den's forum. 

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Weapon Stats:

The basics of any of the primary weapons are:

Damage starts high up close, drops over distance, and continues at a lower damage amount.

-Rate of Fire
"Rate" is measured in Rounds Per Minute.
"Time" is the delay between shots.

-Reload Time
Reloading is made of Time and Threshold (or "Add").
"Time" is the time in seconds for the weapon to finish the reload animation and be ready to fire.
"Add" is the point in time during the reload when the ammo counter changes.

The Pump Action shotguns reload one round at a time.
The first shell takes longer to reload than all shells after it.
After being loaded, the shotgun will play a "post reload" animation that will ready it for shooting.
For those three shotguns, the chart reads "First" and "Next" and "Ready".

The player can cancel the reload by switching weapons (the fastest method).
Doing so after the Add Time or during Ready Time will allow the player to reload and get the weapon ready to fire more quickly.

-Spread, Spray and Recoil
There are MANY variables related to a weapon's accuracy and inaccuracy.
To make it as simple as possible, a bigger number = worse accuracy, more recoil.

There are now a bunch of different things in Spread. Kinda cluttered.
"Base" is the minimum hip spread when standing still.
"Move" is the min hip spread when moving.
"Zmov" is the spread when sighted and moving.
Pistols and the F2000 have "Zoom" - spread other than perfect 0.0 - which is the spread when sighted and standing still. The pistol have the same spread standing still as they do moving.
The two in Spray are spread added to the weapon with each shot from the hip and sighted.
The two in Recoil are the weapon's sights and camera jumping around with each shot when sighted.

"Kick" is the angle increase with each shot.
Higher "Amp" means that the kick becomes sharper and faster, even causing the Angle Increase to be even greater.
Example being the M9 (0.6 and 7.0) and the MP-412 (3.5 and 7.0).
They have the same kick value, but the REX has six times the Amp, and their difference in recoil is clear.

Ammo is self-explanatory.
Bullets in your magazine and the damage multiplier for headshots.

Oh yeah, soldier health is 100.
Soldier with Armor health is 125.
Six seconds after taking damage, the player will recover three health per second.

In "Hardcore" players have 60 health.

Weapon Stats

Vietnam Weapons

A brief explanation for a few other numbers...
There are variables for each posture and again for each posture when sighted.
A "Min" for when the player is not firing his weapon and a "Max" for the highest spread a weapon can have from firing.

Weapons universally recover 3.0 degrees of spread per second.
LMGs, the G3 and Semi-Auto primary weapons recover 5.0 spread a second when zoomed, resulting in greater accuracy with successive shots.
Spread and recoil are always recovering, even while firing, in between shots.
Nearly all weapons have a 5.0 "Max" spread in any posture. Pistols have a Max of 3.0 (2.0 zoomed) and Sniper rifles have 7.0.

From the hip, crouching has little benefit for most weapons except for LMGs in which hip spread barely improves.
Crouching while sighted, most weapon subtracts 0.05 from its Amp.

A feature of HMG_Bullet (used by the M95) is that it can damage lightly armored vehicles such as Jeeps and Helicopters.  The headshot multiplier for HMG_bullet (M95) is now 2.3x.

All bullets travel at the same arbitrary speed of "600" (though their tracers are made intentionally slower than the actual projectile).

The Flamethrower projectiles travel along the stream, each one delivering 20 damage on hitting a soldier.
Once hit, the Soldier takes 50 damage over the course of 7 seconds.
So you'll need to at least hit him at least three times with fire to have the burning over time take him out.
The flames fade out after 0.3 seconds, so they only travel out to about 15 meters. 

Explosive weapons behave quite differently between themselves.

Blast Damage is a single damage number (bottom number) that continues for a short distance (Red number).
After that, damage linearly drops to zero by it's maximum range (top number).
The Red Number, I'm not 100% certain that is how it is meant to be.

Against Armored Vehicles, explosive damage is modified every which way.
Against Tanks and APCs, the listed number is the damage done to their 1250 health.
The explosive icon means the vehicle takes it as explosive damage, the side hit does not matter.
The bullet icon means the vehicle takes it as projectile damage and hitting it in the rear or side will do extra damage based on the Vehicle Chart.
The Anti-Tank mine is sometimes capable of destroying tanks with only one mine, but it is not consistent.
The underside of vehicles seems extra vulnerable to damage.
Against lighter vehicles, most of these explosives will take them out in one hit.

Speed is simple - higher number, faster it goes.
Note that the AT4 starts off slow, but the guided engine can speed it up to 50 after a few seconds.
Also Note that the RPG-7 can speed up a bit if being guided by a Tracer Dart.

Detonation is a mix of things.
The time it takes to throw a grenade after pressing the button and the time it takes to explode.
The 40mm grenade takes 0.2 seconds before it will detonate, hitting something at less than about 10m will make it a dud.
A direct hit with the 40mm will still hit and kill an enemy.
The Tracer Dart lasts for 45 seconds after sticking to something.

Reload is the same as the Weapon Chart with the time it takes to reload and the time the ammo counter changes.
Also included is the time it takes to get one explosive of that type from the Assault's Ammo Box.


Vehicles are very uniform, each vehicle has many similar things to another of the same type.

All vehicles can generally be taken out with a single infantry rocket, but Tanks and APCs take extra damage from the side and rear.
To minimize damage to those weak sides, armored vehicles can angle themselves to decrease damage.

There are other multipliers in relation to vehicle weapons that alter the damage they do to one another.
A tank reads 1000 combined direct and blast damage, and while it will do that amount of damage to a HMMWV or a helicopter, the effect against other tanks is different.

There are several multipliers related to the impact and blast damage of the Tank Shell related specifically to the material of armored vehicles.
Instead of listing those, this is the easiest explanation = Tank Cannon damage against another Tank is approximately 350 to the front.

Bad Company 2 Vehicle Stats


While just about anything else on there should be simple enough, a slightly more detailed description of the Power Tool and the way it repairs:

The Power Tool fires at a rate of fire of 900 RPM. That's a "shot" every 0.066 seconds.
With each "shot", it gains 0.025 heat. Constantly fighting against that heat is a cooldown of 0.2.
The two combined with the rate of fire allows the Power Tool to fire 85 times over the course of 5.676 seconds.

It repairs 6.5 points of damage with each shot.
With the 0.3 second delay before the tool starts up, that's 559 vehicle health repaired over 6~ seconds.
Holding the trigger for 6 seconds will cause the tool to overheat.

Originally, it took two seconds to recover from full heat and the tool had a two second overheat.
As of R7, the 0.2 cooldown requires five seconds to cool down from full heat and Overheating also takes five seconds.

For reference, All armored ground vehicles have 1250 health.  Also, the Repair Tool delivers 19.5 damage against enemies and enemy vehicles per "shot".

Vehicle Specializations are limited to the player who has them, and most will only work when the Pilot/Driver is the one who has it.
Armor will only improve a vehicle's defense when the driver has it.
Warhead and Reload will only improve the damage or reload time of the seat the player is in.
ALT V is only for the primary seat (and the attack helicopter gunner), no alternate weapon exists for secondary seats.
Smoke will only work for the pilot/driver.

Bad Company 2 Specialty Stats

Spotting, like the repair tool, uses "overheat" to prevent excessive Socialize use.
The player is capable of about four Socialize button presses in rapid succession before overheating and being inoperable for five seconds.
With the cooldown, the fastest continuous rate that a player can spot without overheating is once every two seconds.

Vehicles will stay spotted for twelve seconds as long as they are in line of sight.  Infantry will stay spotted for four seconds in line of sight.
If line of sight is broken from the spotter, the spot will vanish after two seconds.