August 23, 2017, 05:04:36 AM
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BigShay says: Wow, sorry.  I haven't been on here much.  Yeah BF1 and R6 is what I've been playing, although I'm hoping Rising Storm 2 : Vietnam is going to be good.
IITenaciousG says: I'd say the most popular ones for us at the moment are BF1, Rainbow 6, Killing Floor, Civ, Blitzkrieg
Regs says: So now my daughter is almost 18 months old and she has a consistent sleep schedule.  I've discovered I actually have some time to play games again most nights.  You guys playing anything regularly?
SykeOut says: I still don't think BF1 is as good as BC2, though...
BigShay says: I emailed the PW to the address on his profile. Not sure if it was current though.
IITenaciousG says: Logan, has someone sent you the pw?
Logan Williams says: Can someone mail me TS passwd plz?
JrShay says: Agreed Big
BigShay says: So...BF1 is definitely the best Battlefield game since BC2.
BigShay says: Well, I'm glad to see your EA embargo has ended Regs.
BigShay says: I moved to New Lenox.
Regs says: Titanfall 2.  Easily the best singleplayer campaign I've played since Portal 2.  That being said, Respawn really needs to fix the performance issues.  I got constant stuttering the entire game.  I'm not talking framerate drops either.  Literally my screen would freeze for varying amounts of time.  Played the game on default quality settings which seem to be a mix of medium and high.
Anjin3515 says: Where u moveing big?
Regs says: So I had super mouse lag in BF1 until I disabled DX12 graphics.  Wow was it bad.
BigShay says: I'm without my computer for now.  Actually,  I'm without a house too. We're moving so I won't be doing much gaming until November sometime. Will most likely be buying BF1 though.
Anjin3515 says: What's a "Battlefield"
Anjin3515 says: Any of you going to get....and play Battlefield?
Regs says: Henry not "heavy".  Typing fail.
Regs says: Watching some guy play Battlefield I as aggressive scout with a iron sight breach loading Martini-Heavy so yes please to all that.  Someone talk me out of buying this game.  Thanks.  Also, horses.
SykeOut says: I'm honestly planning on getting Titanfall 2 over Battlefield 1.  The first Titanfall just clicked with me, and was the most fun I've had in a MP shooter since BC2.  In the BF1 beta, while it was a nice change, it still felt like the same ole Battlefield to me.  I'm still holding out hope that they finally make BC3 one day...
Regs says: Ok so who has played Battlefield 1?  Do you think it's worth buying?  Also are you guys all planning on getting it?
SykeOut says: Logan... holy shit.  Now that's a name I haven't saw since, like... BC2. lol
Logan Williams says: Hey guys, blast from the past. I may be getting the new battlefield in Oct if PC can handle it.
Regs says: Logitech G403 Prodigy.
BigShay says: Go UBI
IITenaciousG says: I wish.  It looks pretty damn fun
SykeOut says: I have, but I've only played a few minutes.  Honestly, I'm more interested in Titanfall 2.
BigShay says: Anyone else get into the BF1 Alpha?
BigShay says: SykeOut, you up for some Siege tonight?
Regs says: The default FOV for the original COD, COD:UO, and COD 2 is 80.  65 in COD 4 was definitely aimed towards consoles/TVs.  COD 2 was an Xbox 360 launch title, but I think that was the situation were the console version was the port.
BigShay says: TUK OFF!
Monkey says: Well it came out at a time where 4:3 was the standard with monitors no? Or am I missing the mark on that..
Regs says: For what it's worth, the Activision FAQ that I linked for Modern Warfare Remastered claims it will have dedicated servers and that the movement system will remain true to the original game (lean?).  Original COD4 is an amazing game but I still think it was built with consoles in mind.  The default 65 FOV was always the big tell for me.
SykeOut says: Like I was telling Monkey... I'm not too sure about what to think of CoD4 Remastered.  CoD4 was a PC game that was ported to console.  The Remastered version is sure to be a half assed console port (Raven Software is doing it) with none of the dedicated servers or modding that the original had.
IITenaciousG says: Bam!
Regs says: Modern Warfare Remastered...  I guess it's high time to ruin yet another classic!  Transformers, GI Joe, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and now COD4.
Monkey says: Bajaji! Unless I'm going for roadkills I don't use them very often.
BigShay says: Monkey, does that mean you're driving around a Tuk Tuk again?!
Monkey says: My head would have to be up in space for me to buy another CoD game,, but it usually is so who knows? Doing well bud! What's the latest with you? Left CC for a position at an ISP in East Africa, should be back to civilization pretty soon.
Regs says: Monkey :)  How have you been?  You still working at Canada computers?  I heard the next Call of Duty game is going to be in space.  I haven't bought one for years but aren't they already in space? :p
Monkey says: Among other things.. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)
LilShay says: TS is up now.
LilShay says: FYI - TeamSpeak Server Down - Maintenance 3/19
Regs says: Supposedly new Battlefield and Titanfall games confirmed for Q3.  I heard that Respawn was lamenting the lack of their shooter on Steam.  Can't imagine they would be able to convince EA to let them break out of Origin.
IITenaciousG says: WW1 would be sweet!  I am surprised we have heard nothing about it.  EA likes to drop hints way in advance.  There must be some other FPS title they want to drop this year before the BF game.
BigShay says: On a side note though, I will bet that this year's game will be Bad Company 3.
BigShay says: Yeah, some game store in Europe leaked that and then took it down right away. I doubt WWI has enough artistic freedom for a BF game.
Regs says: You guys see the rumor that the next Battlefield game will be set in WWI?  No thanks that sounds boring.  Maybe it's all just a ruse.  C'mon Battlefield 1944!  I would totally break my Origin embargo for that.
BigShay says: Somehow, it plays worse than it looks.
Regs says: Yeah I was about to say it looks pretty bad.
BigShay says: Fucking nevermind, that game is awful.
BigShay says: Black Ops 3 Multiplayer for $15 :
BigShay says: the comments on that video, they're talking about Kinguin reselling bootleg keys, but it seems to be more related to games.
BigShay says: It's currently back up as of 1455759641 UNIX time.
IITenaciousG says: FYI - TS is down as of 2344 eastern 15-FEB-2016
BigShay says: Happy Birthday LilShay!!
BigShay says: I do like Virgins.
IITenaciousG says: Just in case anyone wanted to keep their windows 7 installs "virgin" and still give windows 10 a legit shot on the cheap
BigShay says: lol, remember this LilShay?
BigShay says: Regs, we need a good squad mate...join us if you get a chance.
BigShay says: LilShay has it too.  Yes, it's very team oriented and people will even work together in public matches.
Regs says: Thanks Big!  Ok I think my Uplay ID is Regs_79.  Or at least that's what my ubi account was back in the day.  I used to own just Regs but that was back in college and it's attached to a long dead email address :p  Wish I could get it back somehow.  I'm very excited to play a team shooter again.  Anyone else got it yet?
BigShay says: Congrats on the Tiny Regs, Regs!  My UPlay ID is BigShay7 if you want to add me as a friend.  Siege is not perfect but it's REALLY addicting.
Regs says: Ok Big sounds good.  I blind bought Siege but I haven't even loaded it up yet.  Very Tiny Regs was born 11/21 and she is taking up all of my time but that's ok.  The wife keeps telling me to go play some games so I guess I actually listen to her for once :)
BigShay says: I have both Battlefront and Siege.  Battlefront is great and way less arcadey than I thought it would be.  So far, there's plenty to do in my opinion.  I also just got Siege but haven't played it yet since I'm without a headset.  Have one on order so I'll let you know soon.
Regs says: Anyone currently trying out Rainbow Six Siege or planning to get it?
BlackieChan says: I bought it... don't do it. Even though it's beautiful to look at and sounds amazing (except for the hero voices) the amount of things to do will wear out its welcome quicker than you think.

I'm only playing it still to try to justify the 60 I dropped on it.
Anjin3515 says: It's been too long. I'm out of the EA hate loop
Regs says: I don't know Anjin.  My love for Stars Wars probably can't overcome my hate for EA.
Anjin3515 says: Who is playing Battlefront?
SykeOut says: "BF4 till I die."  I remember not too long ago you wouldn't touch any BF game. :)
IITenaciousG says: TS seems to be down (1820 eastern 03-Aug-2015)
IITenaciousG says: BF4 till I die.  Or until I finally play Insurgency.
wiredfenix says: What? Fenix upgraded his PC and can play at better than 40FPS? So what is everyone playing now?
BigShay says: Haaaaawks Win the Cup !!!!!!!!!!!
BigShay says: Wow....
IITenaciousG says: Boom.  Bam. (because on day 1 it will need a patch)
BigShay says: Thanks TG.  Don't worry, I get all the emails on just takes me a bit to get to some of them.
IITenaciousG says: Haha.  Redic.  Freakin' Chuck Woolery
BigShay says: lol...
BigShay says: LilShay you guys can connect directly by opening the console (tilde key) and typing: open
Regs says: Awesome I'm definitely getting Killing Floor 2. Also that trailer for Battlefront looks crazy. This is the first time ever I'm considering installing Origin.
BigShay says: LilShay and I are going to order a KillingFloor2 server.
BigShay says: I'd definitely play the RB6 beta.
Regs says: Tried playing BC2 the other night.  Spawned and shot a guy in the back.  Felt bad about it.  Then died across the map to someone furiously AN94 tapping.  Heh.  Went to go find him and crashed to the desktop.  Perfect.
IITenaciousG says: I saw some cool videos of the RB6 alpha online.  I also saw this.
Regs says: Anyone going to try to get into the Rainbow Six Siege BETA?  I think if you pre-order you get in and there is a waiting list link somewhere too.
IITenaciousG says: Nope.  #weirdo
Regs says: I don't think so.  His two posts were cornfusing.
BigShay says: Anyone know Vanderzeer?
Aquillies says: Sup guys, ts server is down.
IITenaciousG says: Added to cart haha
BigShay says: Or 9.
BigShay says: Make that 8.
BigShay says: I have 5 Spyderco knives, all excellent!
BigShay says: On Amazon
BigShay says: Lol, the venerable Spyderco Tenacious:
IITenaciousG says: I was hoping for a link to show me what a Tenacious is, but you could probably safely assume that if I knew what one was, I would own one.
BigShay says: Tenacious, do you own a Tenacious?
BigShay says: Watch the whole video...
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