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With the movement of the stats data into (.ff) fast files, much of the known MW2 data has been extrapolated from the multiplayer log files.  As always, much thanks goes to DenKirson and the others from Den's forum. 

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Weapon Stats:

Two identical, interactive Flash Images are posted to make it easier to compare.  Click Here to get the latest version of Flash.  Again, these are made by DenKirson:


One Man ArmyOne Man Army Pro
One Man Army allows the player to change classes on the fly in 6 seconds.
One Many Army Pro cuts that down to 3. It takes the place of the secondary weapon and can not be dropped.
Switching from a One Man Army class to a class that lacks it will still have kills account towards One Man Army challenges for the player's life.

Sleight of HandSleight of Hand Pro
Sleight of Hand cuts reload time in half.
Sleight of Hand Pro halves the time it takes to Aim Down the Sight, both sighting in and out.

MarathonMarathon Pro
allows the player to sprint indefinitely.
Marathon Pro allows the player to climb over obstacles faster.

ScavengerScavenger Pro
Scavenger allows the player to fully restock ammo and equipment from dead bodies.  Scavenger replenishes one of each kind of ammunition if that ammo is not already at "MaxAmmo".  This includes:
 - One Primary weapon magazine.
 - One Secondary weapon magazine.
 - One Grenade/Equipment.
 - One Special Grenade.
 - One Underbarrel Grenade / Four Masterkey shells.
Note 1: MaxAmmo does not count the ammunition loaded in the weapon.  An assault rifle would have a maximum of 180 MaxAmmo + 30 MagSize.
Note 2: If the currently held weapon / grenade is full, a blue bag will not be picked up even if the other weapon (not carrying) is not full.
Scavenger Pro starts the player out with extra magazines (full MaxAmmo).  This is the old Bandolier.

BlingBling Pro
Bling allows the 2 primary weapon attachments.
Bling Pro allows 2 secondary weapon attachments.

Stopping PowerStopping Power Pro

Stopping Power is still 1.4x damage against players.
Stopping Power Pro has that multiplier applied against vehicles.

Danger CloseDanger Close Pro
Danger Close is a bit stronger than it's predecessor, 1.4x increase in damage.
Danger Close Pro is applied to all killstreaks, from AC-130s to Sentry Guns.

LightweightLightweight Pro
will multiply the player's movement speed by 1.1x ( 8% to 10% increase depending on the weapon).
UPDATE: A recent patch on PC has apparently changed the speed scale to 1.07x (meaning only a 5.5% to 7% increase).
Lightweight Pro will cut the delay between sprinting and being able to fire in half.

Cold BloodedCold Blooded Pro
Cold-Blooded will allow the player to be undetectable by UAVs, Air Support, Sentry Guns and Thermal.
Cold-Blooded Pro removes the red nametag and red crosshairs when targeted by an enemy.

HardlineHardline Pro
Hardline  allows the player to attain killstreaks in 1 less kill.
Hardline Pro  allows the player to attain deathstreaks in 1 less death.

CommandoCommando Pro
Commando adds 176 units of measurement to the range of the 128 unit lock distance of the melee charge.
Commando Pro cuts off all damage for any fall.

NinjaNinja Pro
Ninja will allow the user  to be invisible to heartbeat sensors.
Ninja Pro will multiply the user's footstep sound by 0.25x.

SitRepSitRep Pro
will highlight any and all enemy Equipment with a bright red overlay from a very long distance.
SitRep Pro
does several things:
Multiplies the volume of enemy footsteps by 4x.
Multiplies the volume of the player and his allies' footsteps by 0.25x.
This allows the one with SitRep Pro to more clearly make out the enemy footsteps.
SitRep Pro does NOT make the player's footsteps quieter to the enemy, only to himself.

ScramblerScrambler Pro
will begin to take effect at 800 inches from an enemy. Their radar will be completely snowed at 300 inches.
Scrambler Pro will delay claymore detonation for 3 seconds.

Last StandLast Stand Pro
Last Stand will leave the player at one point of health for ten seconds after taking lethal damage.  You can crawl in Last Stand as well.
Last Stand Pro allows the player to use equipment like grenades or throwing knives.

Steady AimSteady Aim Pro
Steady Aim  shrinks the players hip fire spread to .65.
Steady Aim Pro extends the time the player can hold his breath when sniping (from 4 to 9) seconds.



will allow the player to steal the 'class' used by the last player to kill him.  Chosen during Killcam.

divides incoming damage by 3.
Throwing knives and melee attacks will still kill a Painkiller in one hit.

Final Stand
Final Stand
will give the player 50 health after taking lethal damage.  You can crawl in Final Stand as well.

will drop a live grenade when the player dies.


Other Notable Stats:

Rapid Fire
Rapid Fire
attachment has the same effect as Double Tap, multiplying time between shots by 0.75x (other way around, Rate of fire by 1.33x)

Full Metal Jacket
FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) attachment has the same effect as Deep Impact, greatly improving penetration damage through walls and objects.

Blast Shield
Blast Shield
equipment cuts damage down to 0.65x, ensuring high survivability, but not invincibility.
Blast Shield and Danger Close will cancel each other out.
Semtex stuck to the player is powerful enough to ignore Blast Shield.

Claymores have:
0.75 second delay after detection. Scrambler Pro increases the delay to 3 seconds.
192 inch detection range.
70° forward field of view detection radius.

The wait time between bursts for the FAMAS, M16 and M93R is 0.2 seconds.

On movement speed (player speed is determined by the weapon in his primary slot):
SMGs and Sniper Rifles have a Speed of 100%
Assault Rifles have a Speed of 95%
Machineguns have a Speed of 87.5%
Riot Shield has a Speed of 80%
A player can pick up another weapon and keep the movement speed of the weapon he spawned with.

Sentry Gun
Sentry Gun has 1000 points of health.
Explosives deliver 7x their damage against a Sentry.
A Melee attack or a Throwing Knife will instantly disable the Sentry.
The Sentry has the potential to fire continuously for eight seconds.
It recovers fully in four. If it "overheats", it will take eight seconds.
After 90 seconds, the sentry will destroy itself if the enemy has not done so.

The UAV and Counter UAV have 700 health and hang around for thirty seconds.

Both Helicopters have 1500 health, Chopper Gunner has one flare countermeasure.
The Pave Low has one flare and 3000 health.
Unlike the helicopter in COD4, these three will decrease bullet damage to 0.3x all the time.

The AI controlled Helicopters use three of the four same old Threat Factors.
Class Threat has been removed, presumably due to the Secondary Weapon diversity.
Both the Pavelow and Helicopter last for 60 seconds.
The player controlled Chopper Gunner lasts for 40 seconds, not including the time it takes to travel to the map.

Both the Precision Airstrike and Harrier Strike deliver the same payload.
Three (two for Harrier) jets fly by and drop a bomb that breaks apart and releases ten bomblets each.
Each cluster bomb has an explosive radius of 512 inches, with damage of 200 at the center to 50 at the edge.

The Harrier that hangs around has 3000 health and cuts player damage against it in half.
Luckily, some will instantly kill it (or at least really hurt it).
A Stinger, Javelin and other killstreaks (like the remote missile and AC130 guns) will instantly destroy it.
The RPG7 and AT4 will do a specific amount of damage - the Harrier's max health minus 900.
The Harrier will hover in place for 45 seconds.

Stealth Bomber
The Stealth Bomber drops a lot of bombs.
Each of them have an explosive radius of 896 inches.
They deliver 300 damage at the impact point and 50 at the edge.

The AC-130 apparently only has 1000 health.
This is offset by two flare countermeasures and immunity to everything except lock-on Launchers.
It lasts 40 seconds. All three guns are available. They have a reload time of:
25mm = 1.5
40mm = 3.0
105mm = 5.0

The Care Package and Emergency Airdrop have a chance of dropping anything (except nukes).
Care Package has a much higher probability of dropping other low-Streak hardpoints, while the Emergency Airdrop evens up the chances a bit.
The Littlebird that drops the package has 500 health and can be destroyed.
Its speed is so great that the window of opportunity to destroy it before it drops the package is very small.

Titles and Emblems:

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