August 23, 2017, 04:59:41 AM

Medal of Honor weapon stats as provided/assembled by DenKirson.  These stats are pulled directly from the PC RETAIL code.  As always, much thanks goes to
DenKirson and the others from Den's forum. 

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Weapon Stats:

The numbers on the chart comes from Patch #2 with help from some of you guys.
Confirmation of the damage numbers through simple testing by those who have the game is welcomed.
Bolt Action rifles have had their power drastically reduced. Just about no more body shots.
The added recoil from the patch is minor, it is still far less of a factor in accuracy than the cone of fire in Spread.

Since the game engine is the exact same Bad Company 2 build of the Frostbite engine, I set it up similarly to the BC2 chart.
The overview of the chart columns and their meanings:

Starts high. Number at the top in the left column.
Decreases over a certain distance. Two numbers in the range column.
Continues on at the lowered amount of damage. Bottom number in the left column.

Headshots are multiplied by 2.8x
Sniper Rifle headshots by 3.0x
Shots to the legs and arms are 0.8x

Open Tip Ammo adds an approximate 1.25x damage increase to weapons. One bullet less needed to kill.
Inversely, Silencers offer a quiet weapon at the cost of 0.75x damage. One bullet more needed.
Laser Sight tightens the spread of the weapons that have it by about 0.7x.
However, the Laser Sight also decreases damage on shotguns so one more pellet of buckshot is necessary.

The top item is "Rounds Per Minute".
The second is the time between shots.

First is the full reload Time.
Next is the "Reload Threshold" or "Add Time", the point where the ammo counter changes.
Reloading can be cancelled after this point and the weapon will still be reloaded.

Shotguns use "First" and "Next" Indicating the first shell and following shells reloaded one at a time.

Lots of numbers now.
First is "Base" the minimum spread when standing still and aiming from the hip.
"Move" is obviously the minimium spread when walking around.

"Max" is the maximum spread, reached by firing your weapon.
If there are two numbers on Max, the first is for Base and the second is for Move.

"Shot" is the amount of Spread added with each round fired.
Spread recovers swiftly at a rate of 3.0 spread per second.

The same stuff in Hip Spread applies to everything here.

Note that Shotguns have a universal spread of 3.5, regardless of posture or zoom.

Medal of Honor Stats

The Knife, upon pressing the melee button, takes 0.3 seconds for the attack to hit and will deliver 120 damage.

Hand Grenades have an explosive radius of 3.2 meters, of which about 2.5m is lethal.

C4 only has 0.375 the throwing speed of the hand grenade.
It also has a radius of 5.0 meters, of which 4.5 is lethal to infantry.

The Spec-Ops' rocket launchers have an explosive radius of 3.0, which about 1.0 is lethal to infantry.
They take 3.5 seconds to reload with a Reload Add Threshold of 2.275 seconds.